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Kids Did It Designs Collection

Kids Did It Designs Collection

Inspiring Creativity


Created in 1996, our California art licensing and design studio publishes children's artwork from our Kids-Did-It! Designs® kids' art collection, inspiring creativity with fine art created by our young art students, ages 3 to 14. In addition to learning the fundamentals of art and design, each young student represented in the Kids-Did-It! collection also earns royalties for the licensed reproduction of their artwork. Learn more: Kids-Did-It! Designs®


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When purchasing fine art color reproductions, we recommend selecting either
Premium Archival Matte Paper, Premium Luster Photo Paper, or Innova Cold Press Watercolor Paper.

Art Specifiers: Please contact us for our 500+ image ART LICENSING | STOCK ILLUSTRATION catalog.



Butterfly by Jeffrey Shutt Age Six


Color Flowers by Kyle Bowen Age Eleven


Pretty Bird by Jessie Abrams Age Twelve


Rainbow Rooster by Holly Cramer Age Eleven


Leopard by Julien Jollon Age Twelve


Chimera by Keaton Raser Age Eight


Frogs by Elyse Bobczynski Age Five


Red Berry Flowers by Jessie Abrams Age Eleven


Yellow Flowers by Christina Miller Age Nine


Red Flowers by Christina Miller Age Nine


Poppies by Roxanne Hanson Age Seven


Flower Vase by Jessie Abrams Age Thirteen


A Bird by Elsa Fleisher Age Eight


Fish by Adeline Longstreth Age Six


Earth by Alicia Hanson Age Ten


Design Lady by Jessie Abrams Age Eleven


Christmas Tree by Julien Jollon Age Six


Earth by Lauren Van Woy Age Nine


Surprised Pig by Nick Abrams Age Thirteen


Native Girl by Jessie Abrams Age Fifteen


Birthday Bird by Michelle Malachowski Age Seven


Africa by Jessie Abrams Age Fifteen


Nighthouse by Michelle Malachowski Age Ten


Orange Happy Face by Elyse Bobczynski Age Three


Lipstick Face by Jessie Abrams Age Six


Froggy by Brett Walker Age Fourteen


Happy Fruit by Cortland Bobczynski Age Six


Parrots by Nick Abrams Age Nine


Orange Snail by Nick Abrams Age Twelve


Red Train by Isabel Tubao Age Five


Blue Ladybug by Jackie Wicks Age Eleven


Jellyfish by Emily Graham Age Six


ChooChoo Train by Gina Barba Age Five


Giraffes by Max Hutcheson Age Eleven


Santa by Taylor Spera Age Eight


Blue Cow by Andrew Yap Age Six


Lighthouse by Max Kederabek Age Nine


Heart by Kasey Hutcheson Age Seven


Red Cat by Bianca Saad Age Eight


Panda by Roxanne Hanson Age Eleven


Lilies by Lauren Van Woy Age Ten


Night Harbor by Jessie Abrams Age Twelve


Circus Train by Max Kaderabek Age Eight